Achievements Mac is not thin nor the value of the color, but those brilliant App

To introduce myself in one sentence, I am a typical science and engineering girl who pursues rationality and logic. When things are telling principles and love to study things, if they can “know what they are, then they will have a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.”

The usual study of things a bit wide range of love, but since the holidays have flicker, then talk about usually at work and non-work to bring their own convenience App, I hope you can give some advice in front of the screen.

15 years, I began to appear on a laptop some modest problems, just gave an excuse to change a Mac. As for the reasons for the choice is also very simple, light enough to facilitate the business trip, do not tangle between Windows and iOS cross-platform work efficiency.

By now, for three years now, the App, which basically corresponds to the features, has started to solidify after a long period of screening, and few of them can be replaced. Of course, the most attractive feature of the fruit system in the office lies in the diversity of choices. The same type of App list, easy to use and more than one, the final choice of the key is “in addition to universal, this application is able to meet some of their own additional small needs.”

01 Kodi

Kodi is an open source multimedia software that is basically used by me as a player. Free, full platform support, including but not limited to Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, even Raspberry Pi.

From the video function point of view, Kodi basically supports all current video file formats, which is the biggest drawbacks of the system native QuickTime; can set the playlist, not as video sites support automatic jump titles, but support shortcuts, you can manually fast If the subtitle file and the video file name are the same, the software can recognize and load the subtitle by itself; the playback quality is good, but because I am not too pursue the picture quality, and the limitation of the screen size, I am not at Playback quality for horizontal comparison.

Kodi can also be used as a music player or photo viewer, but I have not used these, there are many other alternatives. Kodi is the most powerful in support of plug-ins, open-source environment provides a wide range of Add-on to choose from. If you like toss, check out Kodi’s website (

If you go to search, basically do not see the recommended Kodi, mostly recommended is VLC or MPlayerX and so on, because of its initial cost. In Kodi’s setting options, there are four levels of basic, standard, advanced and expert. The higher the level is, the more content can be set. The intention is to let those with different needs choose according to their own needs, but also increase the difficulty of getting started .

Kodi default language is English, before using the Chinese interface also need to first download the Chinese language packs in the plug-in job, now the new version is modified to no language pack content, the software will automatically download and install.

Language-related settings In Kodi’s Interface Settings, before setting, click on the gear position at the bottom left of the interface to set the level to standard, the language selection in the Regional, but before modifying the Fronts need to be set to Arial based in the Skin interface, and then Go back to the Regional to select Simplified Chinese, otherwise there will be garbled.

The second trouble is playing video. Mac default video playback will use QuickTime, but if you install kodi, even in the right-click open the way you can not find Kodi this option, then how to watch the video file?

In the main interface, select the movie, click on the right to enter the file area, and then select add video, enter the bottom screen Macintosh HD is the Mac’s hard drive, select Users- your user name-Documents, you can see the corresponding system “document” Under the folder, and then select the corresponding folder, click Add.

Kodi’s rule is that after adding a folder you can see all the subfolders and video class files in the folder, so it is recommended to put the video class files in a folder and then go to the different categories. In this way, only need to add once, do not need to repeat the operation, and the folder added by default is a playlist, start playing the video, the default will automatically play all videos within the current folder (excluding subfolders).

So why choose this one? I am plug-in feature, if you are not enthusiastic about this, then other free players VLC or MplayerX, are also a good choice.

02 Annotate

This is a screenshot of the labeling software, free, support for Mac and iOS dual platform, iOS function than the Mac to be slightly simpler, but the essence still.

The figure is Annotate’s user interface. The left side of the toolbar, the arrow from left to right, add text, highlight area selection, rectangular area selection, pencil, mosaic, crop, expression, color selection, transparency and screen display ratio, Disk, copy, save and other transmission methods.

Basically, Annotate’s features are simple and straightforward, and the most convenient is that you can save the file without having to save the file. Once the annotation is complete, click on the copy, and you can copy it to any text box to send to others.

In the screenshot, Annotate supports a variety of screenshots, you can also copy the picture annotation, you can customize the shortcut keys, you can multi-window operation, the latest version of the screen recording function, can be used to make Gif, this feature phone version Not yet in the moment

03 Irvue

Irvue is a free wallpaper changer software, the wallpaper source is to provide high quality high resolution image sharing site Unsplash. After the download is installed, Irvue will let you choose the direction of interest, then do not have to worry about, set the custom replacement time on the line. For the favorite wallpaper, you can download or you can manually set it as the default wallpaper, so tired of looking tired.

In addition to selecting your favorite photos for the first time, you can add more content to Unsplash later, plus an additional Nasa HD image. Astronomy enthusiasts should not be missed.

By the way, from the Windows habits, I like a clean and fresh desktop, so even in the Windows computer, the desktop is not even a recycle bin. The Mac comes with Spotlight feature is to open the folder and search has become very simple, so treat the desktop, treat your eyes and memory. Usually do a good job of file management, you can enjoy the high quality wallpaper friends.

04 Paste

Paste is a clipboard application, Mac exclusive, does not provide iOS version. This is not a free software, the current price is 68 yuan, but often there are discounts, I started with a price of 12, the impression is not completely free too.

For people who often deal with text, copy and paste these two shortcuts is definitely the most used. Paste’s function is to record multiple copies of the content, and then paste as needed. For text, you can choose to paste as plain text, or unchecked if it is formatted.

History can be unlimited number of times, look at the disk capacity, but in fact is not needed. Also do not need to be afraid to find trouble, Paste provides search function. You can also see in the picture, Paste will also record the copy of the content is obtained from that application.

Paste recordable content, including text, images, code and links, etc., but also very considerate of the security, if the system is a password or the like, it will not be saved. You can set rules for copying to exclude password-security applications, such as those copied in keychain or password management software.

To be honest, Paste I did not start the first time after I bought the Mac, but for a discount of about two months. But after using it, I feel totally different. The biggest convenience is that you do not need to switch back and forth between windows frequently in order to copy and paste, I can copy all the desired content in one breath and then paste it slowly.

05 Airmail

Airmail is a mail tool that supports Mac and iOS platforms, not free software, iOS platform price is 30 yuan, discount rarely.

On the back said that first, because mail tools according to the mailbox you are using is different, then there will be some different recommendations, and the second is that Airmail Mac version is not recommended at all, although compared to the price of iOS, Mac pricing 68 Not expensive. Mail Tools on Mac If you are looking for a simple, simple, self-contained applet, Office Outlook is your pick if you have complex requirements.

So Airmail reason is recommended iOS platform, the reason I chose it because, because the work is used Tencent mailbox, in addition to Tencent own products, Airmail is I tried numerous e-mail tools, send and receive real-time and effective Sexual support is best.

Of course, in addition to this point, Airmail can get Apple’s design award is also a reason.

The most basic multi-account support is not to say. Airmail interface simple enough to support Touch ID unlock. In the mail interface, you can slide directly, depending on the length of the slide can define different functions, you can set the four most commonly used functions here.

Sliding down the interface also has some corresponding shortcuts, including the display of unread mail, add attachments and so on. Basically, the commonly used operations can be completed in the mail interface, the operation is simple enough.

For a mail tool, these are considered the basic operation of the moment. Airmail’s strength lies in third-party software support and custom operations.

Third-party software Basically the current iOS platform text classes, To-Do classes and calendar classes and other tools have support, as well as Workflow workflow software.

Custom actions can add multiple actions, for example, you can choose to reply + send to the calendar, then reply to the message will be automatically saved to the calendar, do not need two operations. And in response to this operation, you can default reply content. All third-party software support related actions can be added to a custom action, greatly reducing the steps required for the operation.

So if you do not have to use Tencent’s e-mail, then from the functional point of view, there is absolutely one free Spark and Outlook to meet your requirements, not only do not bored with high color value, in terms of function, these three basic similar, Of course, third-party support and custom operation is less than Airmail.

However, Spark supports the Html signature feature, search capabilities more powerful than Airmail; Outlook is also intended to break the barriers to e-mail tools to increase support for other productivity tools, but Microsoft’s own product support will be better. Tencent only support for corporate email, both are not good, will miss mail or receive mail is not real-time, and occasionally there will be failed to send.

06 1Password

As the name suggests, this is a password management software, basically a full platform software, in addition to Mac and iOS also supports windows and Android, as well as for Chrome and Safari plug-ins. The essence is to use a password to manage all passwords, just remember that you set the password for the 1Password, other password settings and memory can be assigned to 1Password do.

1Password You can customize the need to set the length of the password and the number of special characters appear, you do not need to remember. Only need 1Passowrd recorded in the corresponding password, including the use of the environment, the corresponding user name and so on. If you open the 1Password small icon in the web page, it will automatically search the keyword display stored password. On Mac, copy in 1Password, you can copy directly to the current password input box.

In addition to the password, the activation code for the software can be saved in the same way. Although the App Store on the Mac, but many programs will not appear here, there are programs in addition to the App Store, will provide the official website to buy the version. In this case, you need to record the corresponding activation code and purchase activation code to use the account. Before using 1Password, I have a dedicated document to record the content.

However, these functions are basically password management tools are, 1Password is also reflected in the strong password protection. At this point, as long as the password leak easily falsified, but it is difficult to confirm. But so far, no password leak has occurred.

On the final recommendation, because 1Password charging method. The original 1Password price is not cheap, if you remember correctly, Mac version should be 328 yuan or higher. In the iOS side, 1Password provided a lot of times limit exemption, I was a limited income in the income, and later iOS into a free download, the original premium users to provide advanced features. Recently in the Mac side 1Password from one-size-fits-all into a subscription, the standalone version price becomes 418 yuan, 253 yuan annual fee users, the monthly fee is 28 and 50 versions. For the previous paid users is equivalent to the standalone version, and the difference between the different versions for the time being do not know. At least after I bought it, the current use has no effect.

If you use Safari, then Safari actually also provide this feature, with the keychain function, the basic can replace 1Password. 1Password There are many third-party software support, such as Pocket, you can directly call the content stored in 1Password, but Apple does not currently support third-party password management software, such as the App Store, enter the password, you can only copy from 1Password Back to the App Store paste. It is said that Apple will join third-party support in the follow-up, that 1Password experience will be better.

Write in the end

One of my friends backs a Mac from abroad last year and most of the scenarios envisioned are in places like Starbucks. Back to ask if I have any recommended App can be used, of course, the first principle is free, because in his concept, “the next application has to spend money,” something a bit unacceptable.

Many programs on the Mac do not need to be downloaded from the Mac App Store. Their official website offers download versions. Pay-as-you-use applications also have two to four week trial periods, enough for you to know if you need to spend money on the app . Really determined to buy it, you can also wait for a festival discount or limit exemption. If you download from the App Store, whether it is a computer or mobile phone, in fact, have a refund function. However, the purpose of the refund function is not intended for trial and error, so use caution.

Recommended this year, most of the free or free period I was in the bag, in addition to Mac version of 1Password, the remaining price did not exceed 30 yuan. These apps are just like fruit refunds, and are used and cherished.