The 11-year-old wrote a book about bitcoin

According to foreign media reports, like most sixth grade students, Andrew – Curry (Andrew Courey) usually like to participate in various sports activities. I like to play iPhone in my spare time. However, unlike most other 11-year-olds, he is also a bitcoin expert.

He has just written a book called Early Bird Gets The Bitcoin: The Ultimate Guide To Everything About Bitcoin and published it in ebook form in January . The e-book, priced at $ 2.99, allows readers to read on the Amazon Kindle; its paper version was just released and costs $ 9.99.

As a technology investor kid, Curry loves math, likes to fiddle with mobile apps, and often comes up with a variety of business ideas. He was frustrated with the team’s foul play during a baseball game, so he proposed to establish a “Glassdoor-like referee website” for off-court daddy.

Last year, he had an ambitious plan to make 20 million U.S. dollars by the age of 14 and to start actively seeking investment opportunities. According to his agreement with his parents, the plan may make him drop out of school. Curry thought of bitcoin and started to read a lot of knowledge about videos on the YouTube site about miners and early investors who made big money in digital currencies.

After learning of his son’s search for “passive income” sources, Curry’s dad, Jeff Courey, advised him to write a book on bitcoin and blockchain, using more plain language to elaborate on the concept and then Sell this book.

“Anyone who wants to spend 70 to 80 hours studying cryptocurrencies knows a lot about it,” Curry said. He lives in Wellesley, Massachusetts now with his parents and their sister. “This book uses the simplest language and is easy to read and well understood.”

The book has 57 pages and includes chapters on bitcoin history, Bitcoin wallets, cryptocurrencies Ethereum and First Token Distribution (ICO), among others. The title of this book has a double meaning: first, the book serves as an early reference book for young readers; second, the sooner someone who accesses bitcoin earns money sooner.

The wallet is like a mailbox

One of Curry’s goals in writing this book is to make use of real-life analogies to elaborate Bitcoin and blockchain so newcomers (children) understand their complex concepts as well. For example, he compared the distributed accounting blockchain technology to a “Google Docs document that can be shared with anyone, editable only through the sale and purchase of bitcoin.”

In describing the Bitcoin wallet, Curry wrote that the wallet has two keys, a public key, that can be provided to anyone, and a private key that is available only to the owner. He does the analogy this way: “Imagine there’s a mailbox here, where postal mail can be sent to any mailbox, but only those who have a mailbox key can get the mail.”

Curry wrote “interesting facts” about the subject in each chapter of the book. For example, at the end of the bitcoin mining chapter, he writes that the power consumption of Bitcoin mining is “estimated to exceed the sum of the electricity consumption in 159 countries.”

Curry said he spent three months researching, writing and editing manuscripts with the help of his parents.

“During the holidays, he locked himself in the room and devoted himself to making things,” said his father. His father has been investing in stocks for 16 years and now works for a company in Waltham, Mass.

Curry said he now owns 0.00222 bitcoins (about $ 22.50). He bought before Christmas. The price was higher than it is now. He also bought some ether coins. However, he is not prepared to buy the encrypted currency, preferring to own the Amazon stock. At the end of the book, Curry claims he’s been reading Brad Stone’s book, “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the age of Amazon, and it is from this book that he learned about Amazon’s own publishing platform, Kindle Direct Publishing.

However, there are other plans in Curry to help him meet the $ 20 million fortune goal, including a mathematical flashcards mobile app.

In the meantime, he is still in high school.

Bitcoin and the “New Civilization Conflict”: Encryption of Money to Rich

The essence of bitcoin, ICO and blockchain has surpassed technological innovation. Global managers should shift their attention from the geo-political “clash of old civilizations” to the “new civilization clash” based on scientific and technological values.

A ghost, bitcoin ghost, wandering around the globe. In order to sacrament this ghost, “old forces” seem to be united. Time comes 2018, the global government faces unprecedented challenges.

China’s “Silicon Valley” Zhongguancun, a coin chieftain James (not his real name), next to the worshipers said: “legal currency (ie banknotes) has no meaning for me, I think now the bank will collapse sooner or later! “Open his cryptocurrency wallet, worth hundreds of millions of RMB bitcoin, Ether identity highlight identity, and two years ago, he is still a recognized” failure of entrepreneurs. ”

There are lots of newcomers like James, who has a similar background with the wealthiest bitcoin chief of Canada, Zhao Changpeng, who has a background in science and engineering, a programmer in a big company, and a successful entrepreneurial experience. In addition, he completely discarded Out of the Chinese name completely in English, but also to break with the old world. However, he did not decorate himself with jewels and seemed to maintain a very simple identity in order to secretly ridicule the indifferent perspective of a friend who did not know his fortune.

Eighty percent of the participants in this crazy, cryptocurrency riches campaign are Chinese and Chinese like James, whose personalities are greatly challenged in the face of wealth from heaven. James has a “special” way of thinking: first and foremost, they seldom betray bitcoin, unless the car or life force compels them to think that the “one coin, one villa” era in their world is coming soon, A bitcoin will lose a villa; secondly, basically no money other than cryptocurrencies is required in their world, and only participating companies in the participating ICO currency companies invest in them, and these ICO The salary of the staff of the currency company is paid in the currency of its own issuance, and the payment to the supplier is also paid by the employer in the form of Bitcoin or Ether.

Fanaticism is such that with so many cool innovations rapidly proliferating, every coin participant is like a devout missionary, a China investment bubble era star investor Wang Lijie publicly said: after making virtual currency and ICO investment More than a month of income over the past few years have more revenue. He described the immediate prosperity in an essay “The Three Essences of ICO” – the blockchain is beer, the bubble of the ICO, the implication, everything is a sensible and applauded feast. In fact, influential figures in investment circles including Wang Lijie, Xu Xiaoping, Cai Wensheng and Xue Manzi continue to give the public a mysterious suggestion that they have missed “tokens” and “blockchains” After being sacked by the New Civilization, almost all the vociferous sounds of the “Old World” were shaken with contempt and scolding of the rich and the new powers.

Is this all reasonable?

“New Civilization Conflicts” prelude

Is this a group of innovators? Maybe. They seem to be creating a “free” kingdom. If the legitimacy of the Internet age was to improve human communication and increase social productivity, the bitcoin innovation led by bitcoin is showing a more aggressive logic of thinking – tech elites want to destroy the existing center with the new rules Change “order, relocate Aboriginal people to” decentralize “and regain a” free world. ” In their eyes, the traditional structure of social governance is selfish and evil. Their idealism is about to smash all the unreasonable supervision and freedom to the “people”. Most of the bitcoin, ICO and blockchain preachers have Success in teaching and developing a group panic close to Doom – people are riches, you missed is the pauper.

“I suggest that you should buy at least ten bitcoin asset allocation, in case a single currency of a villa’s dream come true?” A interviewed senior entrepreneurs advise the author, he invested a huge stake in a year ago mining machine factory. It is because of such a richer entrepreneurial approach that some leading entrepreneurs are now already preparing for the issue of tokens, often starting at 10 billion tokens, which means that if each currency is priced at 0.3 yuan, The founding ICO company’s initial value is 3 billion yuan, equivalent to a small cap listed on the GEM. There is also a more subtle play has also been widely used in many communities in Qingdao, there has been a token to buy goods vending machines. Sales companies not only sell their products, but also ICO money by the way of financing, in addition to its main promotional attractiveness, in fact, is the use of bitcoin myth aura. It is said that there are banks behind the guarantee, the insider revealed that this is a billion-level business, but the risk is huge. “The coin circle day, human year” myth in the money before being played to the extreme, if an entrepreneur successful currency, perhaps 10 years ahead of schedule to complete the traditional entrepreneurial struggle, but the result is responsible for the 10 Things after the year.

In fact, there are many hidden details behind the myth. For example, in the ultimate case, a big cashier landed hundreds of millions of RMB and invested heavily in the stocks of A-share listed companies to become the top ten shareholders. It is reported that China’s earliest bitcoin China founding team has cash out close to 10 billion. Realistic logic, e-commerce Internet company took nearly 20 years to complete the innovation of e-commerce from cutting-edge to the frontier to substantive change, the Internet bubble in 1999 to 2018, began to use the successful experience of electricity business investment in offline real economy . Then, the transfer of the wealth of the currency circle is basically achieved in half a year to a year. Simply put, while tens of thousands of water test tokens are used by the vast majority of investors in the world, several realist currencies Circle big brothers began to cash in cash to buy “real economy” assets, the extreme possibility that if tokens are banned globally, it is very likely that part of the speculative super-bigweights continue to enjoy their castle in a European country Luxury life, and the “fundamentalist” global speculators with tokens in the virtual economy fully established in the world, high plate then the dream, the last great person is likely to have nothing.

As we look closely, we find that there are four people involved in the bitcoin-related debate: the first is the fanatical fan of the Bitcoin trend, the “fundamentalist” of the ICO, who are relatively pure and do not care about money Is a change in the entire world order, their slogan is “hold on coins, is to hold on to wealth from 100 times the high risk of return on investment, to 10,000 times or even 1 million times the return on investment into this large number of people through a stable Holds the fundamentals of maintaining bitcoin prices.

The second type is “Innovators,” a group of high-profile, influential, cutting-edge opinion leaders who used to invest or the media. They use the passion of the first person to look for opportunities for themselves. The “name” aspect is taking into account immediate speculative opportunities as well as long-term business model upgrade opportunities in gaining the voice of the new technology trend and “benefiting”.

The third is “global investors and speculators,” including a large number of wealthy individuals who have Chinese assets that want globalization to come true, and even some of those in the government who want to hide and transfer wealth. They also include young people who worship science and technology and even Japanese and South Korean office workers; and more and more Japanese and Korean housewives, “Chinese aunt.” Another thing worth special mentioning in this investor group is that overseas Chinese should say that in the era of China’s explosive growth, they chose to enjoy a comfortable life in a relatively stable economy, so they missed the best in history Asset price explosion opportunity, then in this wave of ICO boom, many overseas ordinary Chinese are involved in this mainly made by the Chinese to create wealth myth. An interview with a friend from Silicon Valley said: “Many new immigrants who rent a taxi in California are making a lot of money by speculating on tokens such as bitcoin. The rapid amplification of this effect has attracted a large number of overseas Chinese to deploy tokens .

The fourth is actually a “global capitalist” who has not been given too much attention at the moment, noting that they have had a huge amount of arbitrage space in discovering that they have huge trading volumes in the coinage market, not precluding them from capitalizing on the global political and economic clout Zuozhuang manipulation of the market. A saying that a global negative news early 2018 bombing hit the bitcoin price from 19,000 US dollars to 6,000 US dollars, a large number of global investment bank background tremendous amount of money into the stadium, and the news of the bad news seems to stop immediately, bitcoin Price from 6000 US dollars in a month on February 20, 2018 began a steady rise to more than 11,000 US dollars. From the perspective of foreign multinational financial companies such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley in releasing information, they are ambivalent about Bitcoin and other tokens and are highly subjective, flexible and reserved. However, the regulatory attitude of developed country governments is also inconsistent. The ECB defined Bitcoin as a “non-asset speculative product” on Feb. 17, but the United States, Japan and South Korea recognized the legitimacy equivalent by incorporating regulatory changes. Objectively, in the process of globalization of tokens, the United States, Japan and South Korea are the beneficiaries of “money laundering” wealth transfer, which is completely different from the net outflow of capital in China.

These are some of the more representative roles: “Fundamentalists,” “Innovators,” “Global Investors and Speculators,” and “Global Capital Players,” all of which are the global bitcoin, ICO gamble main Participants, while “blockchain” is their technical argument for justifying their own legitimacy. One sign is that companies that are actually investing in blockchain technology are rarely involved in the discussion of the currency.

After the definition of the above four kinds of people, further analysis, we found that: First, the four kinds of people’s value propositions completely different, that is – when we criticize or refute them, in fact, is inappropriate for the whole There are conflicting values ​​between them. Second, although these four kinds of people have different appeals, there are two real driving forces behind them, namely, they are dissatisfied with the actual financial order and are opposed to Bitcoin High recognition of the “new civilization” pattern. In their eyes – despite countless debates, bitcoin represents a “new civilization” that will eventually replace the real world.

To sum up the above description, the new thinking represented by bitcoin really does not belong to the governance structure of the present society. This is not a contradiction between innovation and non-innovation. It is also different from the traditional contradiction between nations, religions and ethnic groups. This is a kind of Conflict between “New Civilization” and “Old Civilization”.

Bitcoin like this innocent wealth seems to be a kind of “evil” innovation, but the other side of the coin, with the “new civilization” lethality, it also looks like a demon mirror, mapping the “old civilization” global Asset price imbalances and the unfairness of asset bubbles in individual countries can even include the predatory nature of the unregulated printing currencies of the world’s central banks, which may be able to accelerate the bubble-out. It also mirrors the financial needs of illicit transactions that are excluded from legal tender. In other words, as long as the global asset price in the sun has a fall, the black market transactions in the dark need financial support, and the existence of Bitcoin as an asset standard no longer needs to be discussed. While South Korea and other countries include cryptocurrencies in the regulatory framework, the “invasion” of “new civilization” is already a fait accompli.

So, in a nutshell: Essentially last week, the treasurer team did not think Bitcoin was a technological innovation, but a “civilized aggression.” This kind of civilized aggression won the value support in bitcoin. So the ICO tried to penetrate this gap and completely broke the rule of being dominated by the old world. The theoretical basis of this “aggression” was called deconcentration, Chain “cutting-edge technology coat. In this way, Bitcoin coins the “New Civilized Invaders” into a heroic “fighter.”

“Rationality” and “legitimacy”

If the above analysis makes bitcoin advocates feel biased, let’s dive deeper into the proposition of Bitcoin’s “rationality” and “legitimacy.” One side of the coin is fanatical and carnival bitcoin fans, the other side of the coin is the government and the public most of the public an unknown anxiety, then the bitcoin “rationality” and “legitimacy” how to define?

It should be said that the above-mentioned four kinds of people, if asked to answer this question, the same as the bitcoin tide of the wave of them, there must be a heated debate. Here again, we also propose to use the perspective of “conflict between new civilizations” to open the cloud of debate.

Week treasurer consulting team believes that: the rationality of bitcoin lies in the distributed financial needs of the ecological environment, improve financial efficiency in specific areas, but not deviate from the essence of money is the value of the general equivalent. Bitcoin fanciers believe that the calculation loss of mining is similar to that of gold mining, but this is not widely accepted. It is not a logical issue but an irreconcilable clash of civilizations. The understanding of values ​​by both civilizations Base point is different.

In the long run, the legitimacy of virtual currency such as bitcoin is not the biggest obstacle in the world of “new civilization”, but lies in the deviation of old and new civilizations from the viewpoint of legitimacy as follows:

First of all, on the subject of power: The “old civilization” holds that the statutory subject is the administrator of power and that its power base comes from the integration of individual trust. The legal entity that “new civilization” considers is the organizer who maintains the authority of the algorithm. Its power foundation comes from algorithm identification. Therefore, the views of the two civilizations on the role of the government are essentially different. One is the authority of orthodoxy and the evil that oneself considers itself to be in conflict with the “divine nature” of the algorithm. In other words, at the core of the financial crisis, the point of intersection of the two civilizations lies in whether or not the “legitimate currency of the government” is used. However, if the existing major cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, can not be appropriated by the global government, they may be forever defined as “civilized aggressors “The shame on the column, but not in the sun appear bitcoin may be more inclined to marginalize the poor financial system operations, will inevitably be more evil.

Secondly, on the main body of civilization: At the present time, how to coordinate the “old and new civilizations” from the perspective of “the conflict of new civilizations” and allow human philosophy and ethics to quickly enter the era of “man-machine intelligence” is a historic proposition, and its core is that human beings accept “Robot” as a new subject to participate in human social activities, and have a certain identity. The human elite needs to retain the beauty of human nature and love of human society to the greatest extent possible under the premise of active fusion of change thinking and give more meaning and value to life.

Finally, on the subject of leadership: In the new era of civilizational integration, if we regard such Internet investment elites as Xu Xiaoping, Cai Wensheng, Wang Lijie and others as civilized aggressors, they may have hindered the driving force of convergence. However, if we allow them to make any rules and pillage, civil conflicts will become even more intense. The best possibility is to reach a consensus on cooperation and supervision with them so that they will change from a “civilized aggressor” to a “founder of new civilization.” However, they must have the courage and dedication and devotion, possess the pioneer’s humility and self-discipline, and serve the general public rather than the narrow commercial interests.

Above elaborates on the rationality of bitcoin, summed up in four characters as “the fusion of civilizations”, and the thinking of legitimacy is summed up as “the definition of subject”.

Enlarge discussion At the national level, if we look at the essence behind bitcoin, ICO and the blockchain from the perspective of “neo-civilizations clash”, objectively this may give China a more constructive lead on the world stage A historic opportunity for the country. Assuming that China can coordinate the global regulation of cryptocurrencies and actively promote “civilized integration,” and share the most cutting-edge innovative coping styles in China’s high-tech industry with more countries in the world, the Chinese government may have obtained a distinction from the universal values ​​of the United States A new high ground and a historical opportunity to promote and build a new system of human civilization. Landing to the concrete actions in the financial field, can we explore the digital innovation in building the gold standard of the Bretton Woods system in a similar digital era? Whether China’s central bank can take the lead in leading the world through encrypted currency issuance and speeding up the renminbi application from “internationalization” to “globalization” are real issues that are urgently placed before policymakers.

Beyond the current “geopolitical” competition, I believe that under the background of “the clash of new civilizations,” developed country governments, including the United States, Japan and South Korea, also have urgent needs to unite to establish a reasonable “new civilized regulatory mechanism” to ensure The governing sovereignty of each country, the leader of this mechanism, is destined to be borne by such a big country as China or the United States. The main contradiction of “old civilization” is the contradiction between human needs and productivity; the main contradiction of “new civilization” is the contradiction between human subjectivity and machine subjectivity. Under this premise, what are the reasons why governments in all countries should not work together to build cooperation?

Finally, we repeat the core idea of ​​this article again: the essence of bitcoin, ICO and blockchain has surpassed technological innovation and is “aggression” of “new civilization.” Global managers should shift their vision from the “geopolitical” conflict of the “old civilizations” proposed by Huntington to the “new civilization conflict” based on scientific and technological values. This has become the major contradiction in human society. To prevent this “big uprising” and “coup” from drying up the blood of the people, the government needs more and more “supervision and control” instead of “building up” the integration of civilizations. The elite groups involved should follow a higher moral self-discipline and a sense of historic mission. What you want to gain is a “new civilization,” rather than the need to crush the values ​​and lives of every ordinary person around you.