Google will restart failed Google Glass implant augmented reality

It is reported that Samsung Electronics, Apple and other companies are developing smart glasses, and in this area, Google is undoubtedly the originator of the industry, but its “Google Glass” products have failed. According to foreign media latest news, Google executives recently said that in the future is still interested in developing smart glasses products, will be implanted in the latest augmented reality technology.

According to the British Daily Telegraph website reported that the head of the hardware business of Otero said in an interview a few days ago, high-tech glasses is still a very attractive project for Google, but he also said that smart glasses to become a Mass market products, there are many years.

Google is a pioneer in the smart glasses market. In 2014, Google Glass began to test, this kind of glasses is actually a smart phone worn on the head, the device can be networked at any time to get rich information, the other can take pictures and so on. However, when the introduction of Google Glass, the industry has not yet set off the concept of virtual reality or augmented reality, Google Glass promotional materials, but also has nothing to do with the reality of virtual reality.

The new invention of Google Glass sparked a great deal of attention from the global media and public opinion. Unfortunately, this product has been questioned for violating personal privacy, because the wearer can quietly take pictures of the surroundings. Some cinemas, bars and other institutions around the world openly declare that the use of Google glasses is prohibited.

Subsequently, Google terminated this project, Google Glass is also considered a Google Google product completely failed. Later, Google transformed this product as a business unit, but it has nothing to do with the consumer.

However, the passage of time, from 2016 onwards, the concept of virtual reality, augmented reality began to appear, and the function of the development of Google glasses that year, just belong to today’s promotion of the concept of augmented reality.

In the field of enhanced display, Nintendo’s game Pokemon GO popular worldwide, giving consumers a most powerful augmented reality introductory education. Subsequently, Apple and Google two companies, ready to combine augmented reality and mobile phones, have launched a development interface.

Outlaw, a Google hardware leader, said that in addition to smartphones, Google is considering future development of other products that provide an augmented reality experience.

He said that Google is considering a variety of sizes and appearance of the hardware devices, a variety of internal research, but Google can not release smart glasses products.

Otero said that smart glasses and augmented reality technology will take years to mature, and Google will invest time into research.

In the combination of smart phones and augmented reality, Apple is at the forefront. In the iPhone X handset launched last year, Apple embeds a three-dimensional identification sensor that identifies and models the surrounding space and objects, allowing users to measure their surroundings with a cell phone or to simulate furniture.

However, it should be pointed out that augmented reality has not become a major selling point for Apple’s mobile phones. The iPhone X sales are so poor that Apple’s mobile phone sales in the fourth quarter of last year once again fell into an embarrassing decline. US media reports pointed out that the interest of third parties in developing iOS mobile augmented reality software has dropped significantly.

There are voices that the future of smart glasses will have a lot of augmented reality features, such as the user to see a business, glasses will show their specific information, hot items, recent promotions, and even consumer comments.

However, the small size of glasses, smart glasses, software capabilities, interface design is also facing enormous challenges.

In addition, as Google glasses in the past suffered encroachment on personal privacy controversy, the future of smart glasses to market, but also need to face the supervision of national laws, such as whether to allow the launch of shooting in a specific occasion and so on.

It is worth mentioning that, in recent years, Google’s growing interest in the hardware business. At present, a large number of hardware products are introduced, including smartphones, laptops, smart speakers, smart home products and video playback devices.

Earlier this year, Google spent $ 1.1 billion to acquire the foundry business of Taiwan’s handset maker HTC, gaining 2,000 engineers. Google will also utilize these engineers and the Taipei R & D center to develop various new hardware products.