How To Buy A Memory Foam Mattress

Owing to its ability to alleviate and soothe pain, a memory foam mattress is a popular commodity amidst people all over the world. However, there are certain segments of the population which benefit more from this innovation like the elderly, the overweight, athletes and back pain victims courtesy of their unique situation. For such people, this mattress is akin to a God-send and they leave no stone unturned in acquiring it.

Thanks to its ability to endure heavy loads and its resistance to wear and tear the memory foam mattress are ideal for overweight people since it provides them with the requisite support for a long time to come. Likewise in the case of the elderly wherein problems like rheumatism and inflammation of joints is common to help is provided through mattress technology to ensure support, healing and peaceful sleep.

As long as it is chosen to bear in mind the sensitive area, this mattress is particularly recommended for back pain since it is supportive to the back while sleeping. In this regard, the golden rule is to opt for a high-density mattress for upper back pain and a low-density model for lower back pain. This is because the former provides adequate support to the upper part of the body and the latter enables cushioning of hips and lumbar region.

Other users of memory foam mattress include athletes and people who suffer from insomnia both of whom vouch for the effectiveness of this aide although for different reasons. Aches, pains, hurts, and bruises are a regular feature of an athlete’s life which is why using a memory bed is imperative since it facilitates faster recovery. It is this comfort level which has been known to lull people also to sleep.

Customization is an in-built characteristic of a memory foam mattress and hence this cannot be considered as a parameter for selection. Something that actually needs to be considered is the thickness and since this directly impacts the comfort level of the user, the minimum required the thickness of the top layer should be three inches. Not only is this likely to provide body support but also add to the comfort level.

Quality of a memory foam mattress is largely an outcome of its foam density as well and the universal standard, in this case, is five pounds. Also, a heavier density mattress is strongly recommended as it offers the right degree of firmness not to mention the durability which goes with it. Comparatively a low-density mattress will not only be too soft but also a relatively short term investment.

Another unique characteristic of a memory foam mattress is that it is vulnerable to temperature changes’, meaning it becomes soft when exposed to heat and hardens in cooler climes. Being cognizant of this as also the fact a leaner person must use a high-density mattress and someone with flab and curves should use a low-density mattress is essential while shopping for this sleeping aide.

Spotting and acquiring a perfect mattress is like getting the best of both worlds – while it is comfortable it is also firm enough to provide adequate support to the vertebrae. After all, we have only one back and it is something which cannot be replaced. Therefore, spending time and energy in finding a mattress which would preserve it in good condition is indeed a small sacrifice which has life long returns.

Using Twin Size Memory Foam Mattress

Adequate sleep is the key to good health – after all, they don’t call it ‘beauty sleep’ for nothing. Sleep offers a lot of health benefits such as stronger immunity system, regulation of blood pressure, assistance to the brain for functioning at its optimal level and maintaining the metabolic rate of the body to name a few. Hence instead of going for the regular coil spring mattress, one should purchase a modern mattress because it has been designed to support the spine when the individual is in deep slumber.

Memory foam mattresses can vary in thickness, density, quality, and size. The most common sizes of such mattresses are California King-size or simply King-size, Queen-size, full-size and memory foam mattress twin size. According to foam globes’ suggestion, it is the twin size that would make a sensible choice for those buyers who aren’t in need of a lot of space when it comes to mattresses. These generally measure 75 inches by 39 inches and are suitable for use by kids as well as adults.Using Twin Size Memory Foam Mattress

Even though memory foam mattress twin size may have a very small size as far as the mattress is concerned, you will be able to turn on it.  These are best suited for dormitories, children’s room and rooms with very limited space. However, opting for these isn’t the right choice if you are planning to have multiple people share a single bed due to lack of room, even though such mattress has adequate cushioning to support the weight of multiple users.

Children who are yet to attain teens should refrain from using a memory foam mattress because they might suffocate from it due to the different type of cushioning. Ensuring that the user of such mattresses is at least in his/her teenage years would solve the problem. Otherwise, you can place something on top of this mattress so that the kid would not ‘sink’ into the foam. However, it is best to avoid the use of memory foam mattresses for young kids’ altogether.

If you should conduct some research on this matter then you will realize that kids do not really require memory foam mattress twin size because this kind of support isn’t sensible for them at the stage they are in currently. Since their bones are still in the growth stage, making use of the foam might cause stunted growth or in worst cases, deformity of the backbone. This is why it is best to steer away from the use of memory foam mattresses if your child is underage.

On the other hand, in the case of adults, memory foam mattress twin size is exactly the opposite. It is nothing short of a miracle because it can solve common problems associated with the people of this age group like backache, body aches, neck ache and so on. Also, it can remove fatigue and since the user is an adult there will be no problem in the event of the user sinking in too much into the mattress because the adult would be able to do something instinctively.

The memory foam mattress twin size is recommended for use by adults because of its body forming capabilities. Unlike regular mattresses or the floor, this one provides better support to the spine because it can shape itself as per the contours of the spine due to its softness. What’s more, it also promotes proper blood circulation in the body when the person is asleep. In this way, the user won’t wake up with back aches and other ailments.

Having something like memory foam mattress twin size which can conform itself to every curve in the user’s body is great because it promotes proper spine alignment. In fact, you would feel like you are sleeping on a cloud when you are using one, even if you have limited availability of sleeping space. Thus, you will get better sleep with this kind of mattress.

LUCID 8 inch Memory Foam Firm Viscoelastic Mattress

Finding the right mattress can be hard especially if you are looking for a comfortable mattress that is long lasting and of good quality. A good mattress should be comfortable enough so that you do not wake up in the morning feeling tired, and with an ache around the shoulders and neck.

The LUCID 8 inch Memory Foam Firm Viscoelastic Mattress is amazing since it is affordable with luxurious features to help you sleep comfortably. It is made of 8 inches thick foam surface that is supported by a 6-inch high-density supportive foam base made of polyurethane. It is fitted with modern, open cell technology that allows air to flow freely hence keeping it cool and comfortable. It distributes pressure evenly to conform to your body weight and shape as you sleep to reduce fatigue.

The manufacturers of LUCID 8 inch Memory Foam Firm Viscoelastic Mattress care about the comfort of their clients. That is why they have used natural microbial foam that resists bacteria, dust mites, allergens, and mold. They have also included a quilted, box stitched zip off cover that is easy to remove and clean.LUCID 8 inch Memory Foam Firm Viscoelastic Mattress

Price and Features

The online shop has a great offer on the LUCID 8 inch Memory Foam Firm Viscoelastic Mattress that is selling at $189.99. The product features to look out for are as follows;

  • The twin size has a 6-inch high-density polyurethane foam base with a memory comfort foam layer that is 8 inches thick.
  • Soft and easily conforms to weight and pressure to fit body shape
  • Open cell technology to allow easy flow of air
  • Easy to clean antimicrobial zip off cover that is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant

Who is it for?

The LUCID 8 inch Memory Foam Firm Viscoelastic Mattress is suitable for all ages. It comes in king sizes and baby sizes too. Its ability to cool off due to the open cell technology makes it reliable under high and low-temperature conditions.

Pros and Cons

Comfort is important while purchasing a mattress and the LUCID 8 inch Memory Foam Firm Viscoelastic Mattress is a perfect provider of comfort. It supports your spine by curving into your body alignment hence protecting your neck and shoulders from the fatigue caused by a poor quality mattress.

You cannot use it immediately after purchasing since it takes a day or so to remove the gas from the foam when it is new, and it takes a while to expand to the right size.

Why you should buy it

The LUCID 8 inch Memory Foam Firm Viscoelastic Mattress gives you a good bargain since it is affordable, yet it has all aspects of a very really expensive brand. It comes with a 20-year warranty to guarantee you quality and reliability. You can easily move it from one place to another.


Purchasing the LUCID 8 inch Memory Foam Firm Viscoelastic Mattress will bring comfort and happiness to your home. This is because of its high-quality materials that will reduce your physical pain and add value to your home at an affordable price.

Sarah Peyton 10-Inch Cool Sensations Twin Memory Foam Mattress

The Sarah Peyton 10 inch Cool Sensations Memory Foam Mattress features a patented system of ventilation that provides incomparable aeration. The mattress is constructed of memory foam, which is open, light and airy, and constructed in such a way that warm air in the mattress is constantly displaced with cooler air, offering you a cool and fresh mattress all the time.Sarah Peyton 10-Inch Cool Sensations Twin Memory Foam Mattress

Price and Main Features

The Sarah Peyton 10 inch Cool Sensations is available for the 52% reduced price of $215.42, and the products boast the following features:

  • Vacuum packed to nearly one-third of its size and returns to normal in hours
  • Dimensions: 75*38*10
  • Weight: 34.1 pounds
  • Never turn mattress
  • Antimicrobial, resistant to mites
  • CallWave memory foam
  • Supportive mattress base
  • The cover is aloe-vera treated
  • Non-flammable overlay

Who is it for?

If you are looking to have more of peaceful sleep, then the Sarah Peyton 10 inch Cool Sensations is certainly the mattress for you. This mattress will have you waking up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed like never before. Also, if you struggle with any kind of back pain, joint pain or cramping, this mattress relieves the body of aches and is very efficient in improving overall posture.

Pros and Cons

The mattress has a supportive base and frame that makes it even more comfortable to sleep on. The air channels that permeate the mattress allow for optimal airflow in the product and so in summer you have a cool mattress and winter your body will not get sticky or sweaty. The mattress never needs to be turned, which is a good advantage. The aloe-vera treated cover of the mattress is a superb advantage as there will be no dust mites and general bed bugs as aloe is a natural repellent. This is also removable to be washed and cleaned. The non-flammable overlay for the mattress is an added safety measure that the mattress comes with.

One of the disadvantages of this mattress is that it cannot be used immediately as the foam has to be allowed a minimum of forty-eight hours to fully inflate. Also, the natural make of the memory foam mattresses is such that the firmness of every mattress differs and is unique to that mattress. This makes it difficult to order the product online. Still, many buyers take it as an obtrusive aspect of a product which doesn’t have any other demerits that are considered a deal breaker.

Why you should buy it

This mattress is safe as it is not flammable, and it is hygienic as it is antimicrobial. It gives you the right cushioning which would stop you from rolling over to your partner. Also, the mattress improves body posture and relieves the body of aches and pains of the joints or the back. It is easy to wash and to clean and maintain.


The Sarah Peyton 10 inch Cool Sensations Memory Foam Mattress is a fantastic buy for the family and for individuals of all kinds. It is definitely worth its price – and more.