It Was a Hairy Secret

When I first started getting thinner hair a few years ago, I started wearing hats. People know me as the guy that always wears hats, and I never take them off until I get home. It’s always the same kind of hat, and I guess it’s my trademark. Everyone thought of it as a style choice, but I wore them because I didn’t want people to see how thin my hair had become at the top. I was finally able to ditch the hats when I went to a aesthetic medical clinic in Singapore. They used a treatment to stimulate my hair into growing the way that it should again.

Now that I think about how much time has passed from the moment that the thinning started, to when I finally got the treatment, I realize that I’ve wasted a lot of time. I could have gotten the treatment years ago if I knew about it, and I could have save myself the time of wearing all of those hats, and I even could have saved money because I wouldn’t have needed to buy hats to cover up the thinning. There’s nothing that I can really do to change the past, but at least while I was wearing the hats, people talked positively about me.

Since I got the treatment and stopped wearing the hats, people have asked me why I don’t wear the hats anymore. I told them the real reason why I was wearing the hats and they understood. Some of the guys and women were having their own hair problems and they wanted to know if the same clinic where I got my hair fixed would be able to help them. I guess everyone has something that they’re going through but would prefer to keep it a secret from everyone else.