Landmark Forum- Access to your Dreams

We all have our own set of dreams as well as achievements. And the Landmark forum breaks this process down into a few parts. These guidelines are not only preached but also practiced in the Forum.

It all starts with planning and preparing yourself. Being positive and enthusiastic helps a lot. A fresh mindset is essential to work towards your goal.

Secondly, define your goals. Everyone sees their goals differently and it is essential to describe what they are and how much they mean to you.
(Have realistic goals and work towards them.)

Then, determine a time lapse to accomplish them. You should be having a deadline in order to organize yourself and all the work. The next step is to identify your shortcomings and get rid of them. Later execute your game plan in order to take steps closer towards your aim.

(Surround yourself with positive and encouraging people)

The next thing to do is solve all the problems that come your way i.e. hurdles in life. Be persistent and do not lose hope. It may take time but the end result will be amazing. Lastly get rid of all your doubts and fears.

Now it is way easier to live life powerfully and access all your ambitions. The Landmark Forum helps you get rid of all the worries or hurdles and the Landmark Forum in action helps you to work towards your goals and achieve them.

Landmark Forum – Are you living a story?

Our mind is a curator of crazy thoughts and tales. We carry a plethora of stories in our head that is our perspective of a situation. Have you ever acknowledged your thoughts and analyzed them? Well, now is the time. We all have a bunch of people, we are reluctant to or dislike. This feeling is developed due to a situation between them and you. Maybe it’s a first impression or a past experience or most likely a misunderstanding. Thoughts are words with a mind of their own! We tell ourselves many stories about people but forget to see the other side of the coin. We are never ready to take blames for the mishaps or change our mindset; rather we keep cursing people for all wrongs.

The important part is that our thoughts control our life. It is essential to live in reality and get rid of all the ‘Rackets’ i.e. the assumptions we have a.k.a the stories we create. Every problem we face can be traced back to the stories we created in our head.

Landmark Forum is the rescue. The few necessary steps to living a life based on reality include-

To recognize what the tiny voice in your head says. It is essential to realize what the story is you created, why and when you created it.

To notice what is the voice exactly saying. This can help you figure out your misinterpretation.

Examine if the story is empowering. It is necessary to analyze if this story helps you or puts you down.

Lastly, To get rid of the rackets. It is now time to create a new relationship or perspective towards this situation or person. This is practiced and preached in the Forum within 3 days to attain exceptional results.