Landmark Forum: What we think, we are

Our illusionistic thoughts make the world. This may sound absurd to you but it is the reality of life. We think of ourselves as small and that’s what belittles us; we think of ourselves as the perfectionists and isn’t that what breaks us? And what if we don’t have a conception of ourselves? We don’t have anything left to achieve! So what make us worthy are our thoughts, and how to channel them is taught in the Landmark Forum.

Now let’s talk about how do these thoughts affect is in the first place.
Our mind and its resident thoughts are the ones who guide us; they make or block our routes to success. We shape our life and decorate our future on the basis of these thoughts. Landmark Forum talks about a few very simple things that state- We are where we are because we chose to be here, in this condition. If we are stuck somewhere in life or if we are swiftly reaching the top, it’s all because of our thoughts and beliefs’. Having confidence and trust in yourself can change your entire life. You and I have chosen this life because that’s what we think we are worthy of. They say, Think big. Landmark says – Believe in yourself- Achieve Big. Our thoughts have brought us here, in this part of our lives, because they frame our decisions. Whoever we are is a consequence of our choices and decisions- good or bad! You have the power to reach the heights. If you make up your mind, you shall reach where you belong, achieving all your dreams.

Now the question arises- HOW?

The first step is to determine your goals. “Where do you wanna be? What do you wanna achieve?”
Now that you have determined that, just make up your mind and start working for it. Put aside what stops you or clogs your way. It’s easy to back out but winners never Quit! Landmark makes sure you achieve all that on your list; swiftly and teaches you how to maintain your level. After all, it’s all just in our head, isn’t it?