Privacy Policy

Privacy policy will collect information from users at various instances. If you register on the website, you should want to provide the minimum information which includes name, contact address and email address. It is required to enter your information to access your newsletter. If you want to place an order on the site, it is very much important to fill the form so that the order will be processed as per your billing information. When you place an order, additional information might be required as it involves financial transaction.

Protection of your privacy

The information gathered from the user is intended to serve the user in the best possible way. Hence, it is very much important to provide correct information. Absolute privacy will be maintained with the data collected from users. It will not be used for promotional purpose and it will not be sold to third parties without the consent of the user.

Wide range of security measures are taken to protect the information provided by users. Online orders are processed through secured servers which will go through SSL (Secured Socket Layer) and it will be transmitted in encrypted form. The private information that is processed in the transaction will not be stored on servers. utilizes cookies and they are utilized to improve the user’s performance. The user preferences and choices are remembered so that less time is spent on the site to perform a particular online operation. If you prefer to get information about cookies, you can set alerts so that you will get information whenever a cookie is being planted or used to send information.

Purpose of the information

The information collected by will be used to give users personalized experience. For example, while sending an email newsletter, your exact name will be included so that it will be more appealing than using a generic salutation. The website will be improved on a continuous basis based on the feedback given by users.

The customer service will be improved so that users will get required information or products at the earliest. If you place an order through, it will be tracked on a continuous basis until it reaches your doorsteps.

Third party services

Third party services are offered to users based on the options exercised by the user. When you go through the services offered by third parties, you should want to know the guidelines and privacy policies that are implemented by the respective site. We are committed to protect the interests of our users. If there is any unscrupulous activity of the third party, you can bring it to our notice so that the necessary steps will be taken up to maintain the integrity of the complies with California Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance and Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance. The preferences made by users can be changed at any point of time by logging into the account and the admin panel. The products and services offered on our site are meant for people whose age is above 13 years. You can contact us for more information about your privacy concerns!