School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener Review

A sharpener, even though it’s small and simple, still affects the life of people like us. Even if our career is mainly for teaching, designing, lay outing, drawing, sketching, or simply for writing, no one can change that fact that pencils are important tools in our life.

Having the best materials to support our work is essential because apparently, it can give us better results. Same goes with the smallest equipment we use for our work. And since I’m a designer, a pointed pencil is my greatest weapon to finish my beautiful pieces. Even though a manual sharpener can do the job well, I can say that having an automated one is surprisingly helpful in my work. With all of the advantages of using an electric sharpener, it is noticeable that there are great improvements with my output, not to mention I was able to finish faster than before. A sharpener is a must in my bag, which is why looking for an electric sharpener that fits my lifestyle is slightly hard to find.

However, with this product having high praises and reviews across the internet, I bought it to try for myself. I never regret buying this complement with my pencil. And now, I am here to give you an informative review of School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener.

Sleek and attractive design

What I like about sharpeners are their cute designs. However, the sleek and beautiful design of this sharpener is a great addition to its attractive aspect. I can choose from the colors gray or black which are both elegant to look at. Moreover, the vertical sharpener feature adds up to its attractiveness unlike other normal horizontal ones. With it being vertical, specifically 6 x 4 inches, we can optimize the space it needs when placed on desks or inside the bag. It is elegant choice that can match up any office workplace, school desk, or your art room.

Large shaving container

In addition to its great physical design is the shaving bin. This is another big plus for me since I don’t want to go to the trash bin most of my time. With this vertical pencil sharpener having big shaving container, I can continue with my work without being interrupted by a sudden fully loaded receptacle. It is simply helpful for my loaded workload, but this is not only beneficial for our career. A sharpener with large container is also a good feature to look for in choosing electric sharpeners.This avoids a messy room, especially if your children are having their art time at school or at home.

Auto-stop feature

Apart from having big shaving containers, this electric sharpener has automatic stop ability whenever it senses that its shaving receptacles are removed. A perfect choice for mothers out there who would want to have a safe sharpener for their children to use anytime. As for me, I’m a little bit clumsy at work, but since this has an auto-stop feature, I can now be confident in sharpening without having to hurt myself. The same goes for the little kids who would want to have a reliable pencil sharpener. It is safe for children, even without the supervision of their guardian or teacher.

Ideal pencil tips

Another functional feature from this sharpener other than its auto-stop feature is its ability to give the perfect tips for my pencils since it uses a steel blade in helical shape that gives the sharpness of pencil I want. For careers wherein a perfect pencil tip is essential, this sharpener never fails me. Absolutely saving me the time and effort to attain the ideal pencil tip, I can say that I am really satisfied with this product since a point pencil tip can be achieved easily just by feeding the tip in this vertical sharpener.

No sliding or slipping

But let’s not forget that this sharpener has more into it. The manufacturers know how hard it is to sharpen, especially if the platform is smooth, because there is a huge possibility of sliding. But with the rubber pads that are placed under this sharpener, I am always experiencing a steady sharpening experience.

Final thoughts

I can guarantee that this vertical sharpener is durable enough to accommodate what our pencil tip needs. This sharpener is a great buy since it is not that expensive, but still offers a quality sharpened pencil for just a small amount of time. This sharpener is highly recommendable, especially for those who need a good point pencil for their work in a daily basis.