The 11-year-old wrote a book about bitcoin

According to foreign media reports, like most sixth grade students, Andrew – Curry (Andrew Courey) usually like to participate in various sports activities. I like to play iPhone in my spare time. However, unlike most other 11-year-olds, he is also a bitcoin expert.

He has just written a book called Early Bird Gets The Bitcoin: The Ultimate Guide To Everything About Bitcoin and published it in ebook form in January . The e-book, priced at $ 2.99, allows readers to read on the Amazon Kindle; its paper version was just released and costs $ 9.99.

As a technology investor kid, Curry loves math, likes to fiddle with mobile apps, and often comes up with a variety of business ideas. He was frustrated with the team’s foul play during a baseball game, so he proposed to establish a “Glassdoor-like referee website” for off-court daddy.

Last year, he had an ambitious plan to make 20 million U.S. dollars by the age of 14 and to start actively seeking investment opportunities. According to his agreement with his parents, the plan may make him drop out of school. Curry thought of bitcoin and started to read a lot of knowledge about videos on the YouTube site about miners and early investors who made big money in digital currencies.

After learning of his son’s search for “passive income” sources, Curry’s dad, Jeff Courey, advised him to write a book on bitcoin and blockchain, using more plain language to elaborate on the concept and then Sell this book.

“Anyone who wants to spend 70 to 80 hours studying cryptocurrencies knows a lot about it,” Curry said. He lives in Wellesley, Massachusetts now with his parents and their sister. “This book uses the simplest language and is easy to read and well understood.”

The book has 57 pages and includes chapters on bitcoin history, Bitcoin wallets, cryptocurrencies Ethereum and First Token Distribution (ICO), among others. The title of this book has a double meaning: first, the book serves as an early reference book for young readers; second, the sooner someone who accesses bitcoin earns money sooner.

The wallet is like a mailbox

One of Curry’s goals in writing this book is to make use of real-life analogies to elaborate Bitcoin and blockchain so newcomers (children) understand their complex concepts as well. For example, he compared the distributed accounting blockchain technology to a “Google Docs document that can be shared with anyone, editable only through the sale and purchase of bitcoin.”

In describing the Bitcoin wallet, Curry wrote that the wallet has two keys, a public key, that can be provided to anyone, and a private key that is available only to the owner. He does the analogy this way: “Imagine there’s a mailbox here, where postal mail can be sent to any mailbox, but only those who have a mailbox key can get the mail.”

Curry wrote “interesting facts” about the subject in each chapter of the book. For example, at the end of the bitcoin mining chapter, he writes that the power consumption of Bitcoin mining is “estimated to exceed the sum of the electricity consumption in 159 countries.”

Curry said he spent three months researching, writing and editing manuscripts with the help of his parents.

“During the holidays, he locked himself in the room and devoted himself to making things,” said his father. His father has been investing in stocks for 16 years and now works for a company in Waltham, Mass.

Curry said he now owns 0.00222 bitcoins (about $ 22.50). He bought before Christmas. The price was higher than it is now. He also bought some ether coins. However, he is not prepared to buy the encrypted currency, preferring to own the Amazon stock. At the end of the book, Curry claims he’s been reading Brad Stone’s book, “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the age of Amazon, and it is from this book that he learned about Amazon’s own publishing platform, Kindle Direct Publishing.

However, there are other plans in Curry to help him meet the $ 20 million fortune goal, including a mathematical flashcards mobile app.

In the meantime, he is still in high school.