The Boss is off of the Leash

It was really just a matter of time, the only question was whether it would end with lawyers or handcuffs. It came close to ending with both, about three weeks ago she emptied a revolver into the window of the house where he was staying after she kicked him out for the thirty ninth time (just a rough estimate). No other women were there at that point, but now he seems to have hired one of the best Las Vegas escorts just to make her crazy. At least she told me that she was one of the best when I asked her what she did. She had been drinking and she was bored, having been flown in just to attend a wedding and pretend that she was his date. Someone went and made sure that there was not a pistol in her purse before she saw the two of them dancing all over one another.

I ended up being the designated driver and by the time I got the boss home he was snoring away. She went inside and got her suitcase while I got the boss inside his rental house and on his couch. That was basically the only piece of furniture in the place. I carried her stuff into the terminal and we immediately found out there was a storm that had caused a bunch of cancellations. She asked me what I would charge her for night’s lodging, but it was obvious that she knew she would get that for free. I was more than willing to make the trade she was willing to offer for little reason other than being fairly drunk and extremely bored. It was not as though I had anything better to do and this was exactly the sort of woman that give men fever dreams.