Waymo Patents: Passengers if motion sickness unmanned vehicles into the “gentle driving mode”

In reality, if a passenger takes a taxi on the street, some drivers may find “sturdy” driving style motion sickness which will make passengers vomit. In the unmanned taxi era, consumers may face the same problem.

According to the latest news from foreign media, Waymo applied for a patent related to autopilot and motion sickness, which can design better driving routes or adjust driving style of unmanned vehicles according to whether passengers are motion sickness.

Waymo, a Google brother, has been developing autonomous driving cars for ten years. This year, the company will officially unmanned taxi service in Phoenix, the capital of Arizona.

According to CNNMoney, a U.S. financial news website, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office released a patent for Waymo on Thursday that Waymo will use to prevent unintended passengers from getting sick and vomiting in the car.

Patents show that Waymo will take various measures. For example, when taking a unattended taxi, consumers can choose a more stable driving route according to their history of motion sickness. The traffic along the route is more stable and the ride is more comfortable.

Of course, if the time is more tight passengers, you can endure the bumpy road, choose one of the fastest shortcuts.

Waymo mentioned in the patent that if a passenger experiences a motion sickness, the UAV will automatically adjust the driving style and the vehicle will avoid the traffic jam areas and avoid frequent start-up and parking.

UAV will also remind passengers who are likely to get motion sickness. Do not look down or read a book while on the road. In addition, UAV will also recommend these passengers to choose a more stable seat in the vehicle.

It is reported that in addition to Waymo, there are other companies and universities are also developing motion sickness-related technology. For example, University of Michigan researchers applied for a patent in January, and a passenger wearing a head mounted device will automatically warn of a possible vehicle motion sickness.

At the end of last year, Uber also applied for a patent which will be notified to passengers in advance if a self-driving vehicle is to make a turn.

For now, Waymo will be the world’s first commercially-available autonomous driving technology company. It is reported that Waymo has obtained the city passenger transport operating license from the Arizona state government (similar to Uber and Lyft), in addition to Chrysler ordered thousands of seven-car, will be modified self-driving hardware and software systems, in addition Waymo and insurance companies Signed a cooperation agreement to ensure unmanned taxi passengers in the aftermath of the accident.

Waymo’s unmanned taxi service will first be launched in the Phoenix area, which has been tested for years, and will be available in the future to other U.S. cities.

At present, the media are paying great attention to Waymo’s unmanned taxi which day officially take the road.

Waymo rival Uber is also currently conducting a taxi-free test in Phoenix. According to data released not long ago, Uber picked up 50,000 unmanned taxis in pilot U.S. unmanned cities across the United States. However, Uber these vehicles are also equipped with at least one backup driver or testing staff, not yet completely “self-driving car.”