What is the right rowing machine for my needs?

The right rowing machine will fulfill your exercising needs in an efficient manner. It will let you accomplish the right kind of exercises and you will be able to utilize it at optimal levels. It is affordable, convenient and can be managed very easily.

Rowing Machine overview 

The rowing machine is used to replicate the action of a watercraft rowing in an indoor environment. The idea is that you will get the same kind of exercise as you will get through rowing in the waters. Thus, indoor rowing has been established for many years because of its great potential to give exercise to various parts of the body in an efficient manner. The muscle power will increase and the overall capacity of the person who goes through regular rowing machine exercises will increase.

By deploying a rowing machine at home, you can go through workouts at your convenient timings. It is possible to measure the amount of work accomplished by the user. The amount of energy being used by the rower will also be assessed.

Types of Rowing Machines 

Rowing machines are manufactured by various brands. They are available in various sizes, shapes and models. Based on the resistance mechanism, they are classified into various categories which include water resistance, air resistance, magnetic resistance and hydraulic resistance.

Selection of rowing machine should be done based on the space available at your home, budget, the purpose of deployment, the number of users’ access to the rowing machine and resistance type.

If you go for a hydraulic operated rowing machine, the resistance level can be adjusted so that it can be used by various levels of users. Most of the hydraulic based rowing machines will come with small frames. If you do not have lots of space at home, you can go to a hydraulic rowing machine. These are affordable and you should want to compromise the feeling that you would get on a natural rowing on water.

Rowing machine that works on air resistance is mostly used by health and fitness centers. They are used by boathouses as well. The resistance is provided with a spinning wheel. There will be more resistance if your intensity level is very high. This is the most preferred machine for off-season rowers and athletes. It has long seat rail so that tall people are easily accommodated on this machine. As the machine works on wind, it produced noise. However, you will get the exact feeling that you would get when you sail in the waters.

When you go for a magnetic rowing machine, the resistance is provided by the electromagnetic brake system. The resistance level can be adjusted and it will be similar to that of an air-resistance machine. The machine is characterized by the large footprint and longer seat rail. Even though the price of this model is high, it gives you the same feeling that you would get through rowing on water.

In water resistance type rowing machines, paddles are suspended in a tank of water. The resistance level is dependent upon the intensity of the user. The resistance will be low for lower intensities. The water based rowing machine is recommended for hard-core rowers. It is very expensive. The unit occupies lots of space as it has to accommodate a large tank as well. You can go for the water resistance rowing machine if you would like to enjoy the same experience that you would experience through natural rowing activity in real waters.

Benefits of using a Rowing Machine

Indoor rowing gives you great freedom to do workouts from the comfort of your home. You can choose a rowing machine of your choice and workouts of your choice can be implemented. If you would like to lose weight or to gain muscle strength, a rowing machine is a great choice.

If you invest in rowing machine, you will get a natural feeling that you would get through rowing into the waters. The benefits that you would get through rowing machine are far better than that you would get through a treadmill or elliptical trainer. By using an indoor rowing machine, it is possible to enhance your fitness levels. Athletes and sportsmen will be benefited through the exercises on the rowing machine.

The upper body muscles are well tuned by using the rowing machine. You can also take advantage of strength training which cannot be accomplished through elliptical trainer. You can select a rowing machine based on your current fitness levels and future fitness goals. Rowing is an enjoyable experience and you will get sufficient exercise to your body as well. In addition to the intense upper body exercises, you will also be able to do overall body balancing activities. If you are not willing to go for walking or running, you would love to go through rowing.


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